2015 Proceeds from Fundraisers:

  • Rotary Youth Leadership Conference - $1700.00

  • Rochelle Stevens Foundation - $500.00

  • Student Volunteers in Optometric Service to Humanity - $400.00.

  • Collierville Teachers of the Year - $800.00.
    The teachers were Bryan Finney, Michelle Morris, Stacey Anthony, Marina Brashear, Carmen Baguio, Kate Zanone, Noelle Bullough and Heather Vollner.

  • New Day Childrens Theatre - $1000.00.

  • Teachers Award Banquet

  • Student Rotary Scholarships (7x $1000.00)
    • Sarah Fay, University of Kentucky
    • James Beesinger, UT Martin
    • Greta Roberts, University of Tennessee
    • Laura Perry, University of Memphis
    • Chris Dufour, University of Alabama
    • Nick Grant, Mississippi State University
    • James Hayes, Rhodes College
  • Museum of Biblical History - $1500.00

Golf Tournament (April)

Held annually in April, this golf tournament is Collierville Rotary's main fundraiser for the year.  Proceeds from this tournament are distributed as noted above. 

Scholarships (May)

Collierville Rotarians recognize students for their achievements. Students apply for scholarships by submitting an essay and resume to the club. The Scholarship committee reviews the applications along with their GPA  ...  and 7 scholarships are awarded to the students that applied. 

  • .

    2015 Rotary Scholarship Winners

Gift of Life (August)

Gift of Life is a Rotary based program which provides lifesaving surgery to children who suffer from congenital heart defects.  These children come from third world countries that lack the facilities and expertise to perform this life saving surgery.  The Rotary Club provides support along with FEDEX and LeBonheur for the child and family while they are in Memphis.  The support includes housing, transportation, meals, and other daily tasks.  LeBonheur Medical Center provides the necessary medical care for the child and the FEDEX house provides housing for the family while they are in Memphis.  As of December, 2013, 44 children have had the life savings surgery.

Ring the Bell for Salvation Army (November-December)

Tour de Collierville



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